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Due to its exclusivity to Japan and issues with sources, the reception for the game is somewhat limited. This features the much-vaunted English army of Crécy a little earlier in the campaign. "On" seems the mot juste. The copy I have been using is the paperback. Gog the Mild ( talk ) 19:48, (UTC) @ Gog the Mild : Thank you for the review HaEr48 ( talk ) 03:09, (UTC) All of my minor quibbles addressed.

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Comprehensive, well sourced, and open for review. Gog the Mild ( talk ) 22:13, (UTC) Looks good in my view, support.Cheers. Noah Talk 13:15, (UTC) This has been done. Peacemaker67 ( click to talk to me ) 07:37, (UTC) "written by Ellen Liston" Likewise. "to lead the house that year" a touch ambiguous. "kilogram" is correct (see. AhmadLX - 14:04, (UTC) 35: This one needs page numbers at a minimum, and I don't see "gravitational" anywhere. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 17:46, (UTC) Samalas and climate I'd try to avoid having part of the article title in the heading Retitled.

February 2015: Drop in massage stockholm xnxx v

Massage i uddevalla avsugning jönköping Praemonitus Brianboulton Nikkimaria Casliber Jens Lallensack Lingzhi Macrophyseter talk 05:03, (UTC) Image review Captions should end in periods if they are complete sentences and otherwise should not Suggest scaling up the scale diagram Suggest adding alt text source gives svensk porr xxx porrfilm långa a BY license, not BY-SA. Kees08 (Talk) 20:05, (UTC) Iridescent edit Images and sources not checked. A pity space could not be found for it in the article.
Knulla mogna kvinnor privat massage göteborg AhmadLX - 12:00, (UTC) Sorry missed the precession issue. Unless I have missed something, it appears that all non-journal sources have been archived. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 17:46, (UTC) chlorine monoxide and bromine monoxide.
Porr mogna eskorttjänst göteborg "Ambiguous" in this case means "open to more than one interpretation I believe; I don't think it needs a backing source since the interpretations in the article already indicate that the lyrics have double meaning or some deeper layers What source is used to support. Also, I imagine that Williams in the nude, at low resolution, may well qualify for a fair use image, worth investigating.
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This version is the version reviewed. Brianboulton ( talk ) 12:23, (UTC) In that case done, which I believe addresses all of your concerns unless you have any others. The latter cite the former. Anything about price money? I'll see what I can do with copyediting but perhaps someone else might be better for the purpose. My main quibble, and we have discussed this before, is the usage of links to google books, I especially don't like the "via Google Books" qualifier. "Philip I kept the royal title but remained in the city which was his base". Can you remind me of your stance on Google Book links? It is used only for a single", so it can be omitted if you feel that is appropriate. It just seems weird to me, but again I could be overthinking. My last edit (as of writing this) was on the 25th of April, before which were a minor edit done on the 11th of March. Better off complying with MOS here. Unfortunately, GBooks previews don't allow me access to the relevant chapter in the main source used, so my ability to complete a thorough check is somewhat limited to the news articles. Happy to support now. Rather than scrabbling around with some kind of "formerly Middlesex but now technically within the boundaries of London albeit geographically separated and with its own cultural identity" formula it would likely make more sense to just like Harmondsworth. . Tim riley talk 19:48, (UTC) Comments by Balon Greyjoy edit The article is looking pretty good. "a period characterized by the constant civil war". Makes comprehensible a very confusing period. Source added for other nebula. In the Sources section, Clifford J Rogers appears to be overlinked Tactfully put. Nikkimaria ( talk ) underkläder rea tjejer suger kuk 12:08, (UTC) Comment - I'm not sure of the purpose of the 2000 census section when you already have the exact same wording and more recent data for the 2010 census. I would lean towards it being permitted, but it's not as straightforward as a simple nasa claim. Zwerg Nase ( talk ) 08:31, (UTC) 1927 Chicago mayoral election edit Nominator(s John M Wolfson ( talk ) 23:23, (UTC) This article is about the last time a Republican candidate won a Chicago mayoral election. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 09:50, (UTC) the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.9687 suggest ordering the refs numerically here. This seems something of a non sequitur unless the flameout was caused by the weather. Yes, part of the above now. No idea, not my image, but used extensively, including in the GA for Curie. Every recent source that I can find has reported the 10M figure (which is clearly SPS 1 2 ). Thank you both for your help! Likewise, "Hockey Hall of Fame: (Eddie Gerard Stats) is listed but not cited as far as I can see. I have someone looking through Aviation Weekly archives for FAI information (I have seen sources say Komorav medal, and Gold Medal, some in 1971, some in 1972?). I have now come to conclusion that that info belongs to closely related Astrophysical jet and Bipolar outflow, so this article is comprehensive in my opinion. Can you swap the images around just a little, perhaps like this? Nikkimaria ( talk ) 15:37, (UTC) Comments by Ian edit Recusing from coord duties, I heard of Thompson when reading about Al Capone as a kid; if I remember rightly he summed up his contempt of Prohibition with the claim "I'm wetter than the middle. It's generally well-written, and explains an old storm well. AhmadLX - 16:04, (UTC) Conversely, we don't hyphenate where there is a -ly descriptor, like "partially ionized" Done. The first two parts sit well together but the third seems pretty unrelated to them.

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